MobileWallet Payment Case Study

Non Technical Diagram - Executive Summary

Executive summary and flow of entire project architecture. It is 35,000 foot bird's eye view of the project. A large company, wanted to diverse into new technology arena to enable "mobile payments" for all utilities and services in Pluto. It supported recurring payments and split payments.

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AWS Technical Architecture

Application was designed for scalability on AWS. Leveraging auto-scaling capabilities & server less architecture to minimze cost of operation

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User Registration Flow

Depicts how onbarding of new customers on the App was designed. User could signup using email / phone number. Before account could be used, user accounts were verified.

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Business Modelling of Vendor Management

Here is how Lakshya Leaders modelled Pluto Payment's flow, for each and every use case. Included different vendor types. Technical contacts. Third party API integrations.

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